Greening Earth Society - alternative greenhouse information
Co2 Science - alternative greenhouse information
John Daly`s site - alternative greenhouse information
John Hunters Site - more on greenhouse / comparing John Daly`s site


Green Spirit - by Patrick Moore, original member of green peace group


Queensland legislation
New South Wales legislation
Environment Australia - Commonwealth environmental information and legislation
Victorian legislation
EPBC (Biodiversity) act
Qld biotechnology legislation?
Draft Firewood Strategy
Aust Env Ministers agreed objectives on biodiversity conservation
Draft NSW coastal protection / lakes

Vegetation Management

Holistic Management Site - founded by Alan Savoury, promoter of time-controlled (cell) grazing

Threatened Species

Threatened Species Network

Feral Plants and Animals

Weeds site

Other organisations / lobby groups / interesting sites

National Farmers Federation                          John Kingston (Ind MP Qld)
Agforce                                                      Economically Viable Alternate Green (EVAG)
NSW Farmers                                   Civil Disobedience threats by Nyngan Landholders
Pastoralists & Graziers of WA                New Farming Article by Prof Jules Pretty
SA Farmers Federation                                     Mexico Grassland changes
Tas Farmers & Graziers Association           Natural Resource Atlas of Aust
Vic Farmers Federation                            Biodiversity Treaty stopped by action
WA Farmers Federation                                 Institute of public affairs
NT Cattlemans Association                            centre for independent studies
Canegrowers Association