Centalised Environment decision making is a disaster


The recent mess surrounding Koala mangement on Kangaroo Island demonstrates how centralised decision making is not in the best interests of the environment.

Kangaroo Islands excessive Koala numbers (27,000) have to be reduced before they destroy the trees that they feed on. In this case centralised laws override local knowledge and decision making. Culling or removal is illegal and both the Koalas and the Manna Gum trees will lose.

With this in mind, we notice the ALP , Democrats & Greens have been campaigning for more centralised decision making on Australia`s environment starting with trees via treeclearing caps.

Is this because they know every part of Australia better than local landholders? - No

Is it because they do not know vegetation thickening is occurring in Qld & NSW ? - No

Is it because landholders are not making improvements - No

It`s because they are pandering to the "Green machine", which is against local people making local decisions.

Is it time for tree police, centrallly organised environmental stuff ups, and dictatorial governments? We hope not.

Leon Ashby

Convenor of Landholders for the environment

Kongorong SA 5291
ph 0887 389313