Calls for Senator Hill`s sacking supported

Sir / Madam,
                    As a landholder concerned about sustainability,
conservation, and property rights, I support the Qld National party`s calls
for Robert Hill`s sacking as environment minister.
Mr Hill has
(1) Refused to state what a good level of native vegetation should be - Is it
0.4% as in his home state SA, or 10 -15% as international green groups say or
30% as Qld has. If it`s higher than 0.4%, he should have been doing something
about increasing it in SA rather than criticising Qld with 75 times more
(2) Refused to act on the cost of the "Public Good" conservation inquiry
which had over 270 submissions. Almost all (95%) called for enforced
conservation of native vegetation above the level to sustain biodiversity
(e.g.10-15% ) to be paid for by the community rather than unjustly force
landholders to do it.
(3) Refused to accept 37 years of research by Dr Bill Burrows (QLD) on tree
thickening in Qld which shows 60 million ha of grazing woodlands are
increasing their biomass by an average of 911 kg / ha per year. This research
shows Qld has 40% more biomass growing than being pulled and is therefore a
carbon sink and not an emitter.

Mr Hills prejudice on these issues is now legendary and he is Rural
Australia`s biggest problem in getting fair solutions to environmental and
property rights issues. We want someone who is not prejudiced against
responsible managers and good science.

Leon Ashby
Convener of Landholders for the environment,
"Barcoorah" Aramac Qld 4726,
 & Kongorong SA 5291
ph 0887 389313