NSW Landcare group will ignore govt vegetation restrictions

After Five years of no resolution to regional vegetation agreements, the
Fiveways Landcare group (Nyngan) has set a plan in motion to ignore any NSW
government regulations and organise it`s own responsible vegetation

The group will begin the process on 31st September of organising member
properties with carefully researched and mapped property plans.
The plans will ensure
(1) 15% of each property is retained as vegetation as their 'DUTY OF  CARE'
(3) Vegetation areas join between properties as much as possible
(4) flexible arrangements that includes adapting best practice as it developes

Once the group breaks the current vegetation laws, the NSW Government will
have to decide to either
(a) Allow Landcare groups to manage vegetation or
(b) Begin prosecuting responsible people for getting on with the job that
government departments have been unable to sort out.

NSW Departments have tried to pressure landholders into conserving vegetation
beyond the duty of care level (15%) to levels of 70% (which is 55% "public
good" Conservation)

Landholders believe "public good" conservation should be paid for by the
public and if no public money is forthcoming, then the landholder has the
right to use 85% of the land as he seees fit.

We believe other landcare groups around Australia will follow the Fiveways
Landcare groups approach.

Contact Leon Ashby 0887 389313
(convenor of Landholders for the environment)
or Gabrielle Holmes 0268 334454
 Secretary of Fiveways Landcare Group