Environment email discussions take off.
More Landholders and others across Australia are constantly joining an email
news & views forum for discussing Australia`s environmental issues to help
lobbying efforts.

Landholders for the Environment is a new source of information and support
for landholders and others concerned with the direction of Australia`s
environmental laws and regulations.

It began 7 months ago when Landcare based landholders disenchanted with the
nonsensical direction of a lot of the latest environmental legislation across
Australia formed the lobby group "Landholders for the Environment".  Their
aim is

* To promote more detailed and  practical understanding of the environment
* To inform how legislation can be shaped to encourage both good
environmental outcomes and property rights security.
* To give honest and real understanding of landholders environmental
concerns to anyone else concerned or connected with laws &

 The email newsletter and discussion forum has increased from about
 100 landholders to over one thousand and not just landholders but scientists,
 government staff, greens, and politicians.

There is every probability as many again receive it second or third hand.

The growing interest is in the progressing discussions, stories  and
information that is presented. It is Information and views that are not
always presented in the mainstream media.

As many of Australia`s politicians also read the newsletter, these
discussions should gradually assist in improving understanding and policy
making in coming years.

If anyone wants to receive the free email newsletter, just email "please
subscribe" to barcoorah@mail.com
 Contact Leon Ashby 0887 389313
Convenor of Landholders for the environment