Environmental Myths
Tree Increase in Australia

Many people who are unhappy about tree clearing assume that 200 years ago most of Australia was covered with trees. They assume that then Europeans arrived and cleared much of the land.
Was Australia mostly covered with trees? Click below to see evidence that it was not!

Are Icecaps and Glaciers melting and is the sea level rising?

There is evidence of a small amount of Global warming (1degree Celcius) but is that resulting in the icecaps and Glaciers melting, and how much does that have to do with sea levels?  Click beow to find out. For more info on Global Warming see articles.

Great Artesian Basin model

Government ministers and departments assume that there is a recharge area for the Great Artesian Basin where rainfall seaps through the soil and refills the aquifer of underground water. They also believe they know where it is.
Click below to see reasons why the evidence is against these assumptions.